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New 4-song EP "Glastonbury"
As the follow-up to "Motherland,"
this 4-song EP takes you on a journey through the enchanted Isle of Avalon.

1. Barge of Avalon
2. Lady by the Lake
3. On the Tor
4. Glastonbury

Produced by Lori Llyn
Production Assistance: Bob Westcott
Engineering: Lori Llyn and Dave Cook

Lori Llyn: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Flute
Bob Westcott: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Bass (Tracks 3 and 4)

Jody Wexler: Vocals (Tracks 1 and 3)

​Jenny Flaum: Cello (Track 2)

Akiva the Believer: Percussion (Track 1 and 3)

All Songs written, recorded and arranged by Lori LLyn except
Glastonbury- music written by Lori Llyn/Bob Westcott



This album offers a diverse collection of songs and chants inspired by sacred land of Avalon. If you like vocal rounds, community chanting, or just want to enter into this magical world for a while, then this CD may just be something you are looking for.


"A Knight's Opera"

An innovative conceptual rock opera blending progressive, pop and classical influences with enchanting female vocals and melodic rock instrumentals. ​
Credits Lyrics History

Evergreen Heart

Evergreen Heart

Based on the Indian Ragas, this CD offers flute Music for Yoga and Meditation.

Crystal Rose

This is Crystal Rose's 2nd CD. Angelic harmonies are the signature sound of Lori (Llyn) Schneider and Jody Wexler. Their music offers a folk/rock blend with a renaissance edge. Credits

Digital CD is a 7-song sampler.  Full album available through CD Baby (physical CD)

Crystal Rose Look Inside

This is Crystal Rose's 1st CD.

Digital CD is a 3-song sampler.  Full album available through CD Baby (physical CD).

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