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I've been both a performer and original recording artist for over 25 years.  My music has been described as a blend of traditional folk, pop and Celtic, with a touch of medieval and renaissance flavoring.  The common thread that continues to run through all my musical endeavors is the quest for spiritual growth.  I  believe "Music should always uplift and expand us in some way.  The journey is in discovering and connecting to that never-ending source of inspiration, awakening that spark of creative fire that lies within all of us".

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Lori LlynThrough the years I've taken many musically artistic turns, but the common thread that seems to keep it all together is that I am inspired to both listen to and write music that elevates the human spirit. I've always seen my musical path as a journey, and sometimes trying to find that perfect label can be maddening for an artist. Through my professional life I've been primarily known as a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist; drawing influences from world music, ancient European and Celtic folk music, classical music and classic rock.

As founding member, for 10 years I was part of an awesome folk rock duo, Crystal Rose, coupled with my amazing musical partner Jody Wexler. We were known for our vocal harmonies and our music was influenced by a wide variety of genres ranging from blues and folk to Medieval and Renaissance, with a whole bunch more stuff thrown in between. We toured regionally and released 2 CD's, "Look Inside" and "Weaver's Tapestry". We even had the honor to sing the national anthem for the NY Mets at Shea Stadium (now Citifield) for 5 years in a row. I remember the first time we sang there....we were waiting to be called on the field and we just sat looking at each and Jody said, "Hey, how about those Mets".......She was certainly the clown between us.

Following Crystal Rose, I went through an electric rock phase. Inspired by a dream one evening that seemed all so very real, I wrote a rock opera called "Legend: A Knight's Opera". I had some amazing musicians join me on this venture, including Joe Cesare on bass and guitar, Anthony Zammit on guitar, and Toro Gianchino on drums. At that time I drew a lot from my classic rock influences and love of progressive music. OK, so it may never had reached the heights of The Who, Pink Floyd or Dream Theater, but regardless, I'm quite proud of the work and to literally see a dream with a full cast of characters come to life was super exciting.

After that , I needed to calm down a bit from all the amplifiers, and thus found some peace in yoga and became quite enamored with meditative style music. Hearing the soft drones of the tambura and soothing melodies of the bansuri flute, I delved deeply into a study of Classical Indian music. I studied the raga system under the guidance of Pandit Kinnar Seen and a wonderful Bhajan singer Kumar Raj Gandharav. I then recorded a purely instrumental CD "Evergreen Heart" of flute music, and was fortunate to have my teacher Kinnar Seen, play tabla. I continued studying the deep effects of mantra and sound healing with Russill Paul, and was extremely fortunate to receive some Bansuri flute lessons with Steve Gorn, an internationally acclaimed flautist. Unfortunately, my hands were a bit too small for the very large Bansuri, and the difficult stretches eventually put me into physical therapy with a hand injury for almost a year. Alas, my bansuri flute days were quickly coming to an end, but still to this day, love playing the ragas on my silver flute.

So now where am I.........well somehow I've found the way back to my earliest roots. I've always felt a strong connection to nature religions and over the years explored both the Druid tradition and Shamanism, but ultimately found my love in the archetype realm of Avalon. The women's mysteries have always held a special place in my heart, and the Goddess in Her many forms has been a constant guardian along my path and a continued source of inspiration. Chanting is a huge part of many women's mystery traditions, and has been an enormous inspiration. Avalon fills the soul with such enchantment, and continues to stimulate my imagination and re-ignite my creative life. On July 14, 2016 my newest CD "Motherland" was released. It is a collection of original songs and chants inspired by Avalon, and included several musicians (although they mostly have come from my computer (lol). However, I was fortunate to have the very real Christopher Tulley add some drums and percussion on both "Voice in the Mist" and "Queen Maeve". During the recording process I've endeavored to see each song as a musical painting with an abundant palette of color and it is my hope that each song will take the listener on their own spiritual journey through the Avalonian landscape.

My latest EP "Glastonbury"  is the follow-up to "Motherland". I've had the good fortune to be accompanied by some very talented musician. Bob Westcott co-produced the album and played guitar and bass, with Jenny Flaum on Cello, Akiva the Believer on percussion and my Crystal Rose partner in crime Jody Wexler added some pretty amazing vocals. When it was time to mix, Dave Cook came to the rescue with his technical expertise and never-ending patience. I'm extremely grateful to have had such inspiration and support surrounding this project.

Due to a family situation, I've unfortunately had to take a small break from performing but will be announcing some new shows shortly. There's lot's more coming! So come back again soon for more updates on what's next!

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